StillSec is the answer for demanding customers in need of security support. We are new cyber security company set up by professionals with over 20 years’ experience. Our mission is:
1) Our clients information protection
2) Information protection strategies and controls development
3) Building competence and awareness of security

We deliver agile and lean security solutions. Our offer contains:
- information security and business continuity audit and consulting
- security functions outsourcing
- application and infrastructure penetration testing
- industrial systems / SCADA security.
We run Security Operation Centre based in Warsaw, Poland.

We can make your world more secure.

Professional Security Services

Consulting - Test Center - Outsourcing

Consulting and outsourcing

In order to support our Clients' their business and strategic goals, we offer consulting services that enable the organization's resilience to disruptive activity and address information security issues. We encourage you to take advantage of the professional experience of our experts to help you design, develop, implement, and maintain effective security and monitoring systems.
As part of the advisory services we offer:

  • Risk management
  • Audit and control
  • Security mechanisms design

Test Center

The dedicated area of advisory services offered to our Clients and in order to confirm the effectiveness of the functional and technical security mechanisms in the organization or in IT systems is the CYBERSECURITY TESTING CENTER, under which we provide the number of services, including however not limited to:

  • Business continuity plans audits
  • Sociotechnical personnel checking
  • Application and network vulnerabilities analysis
  • Penetration testing of applications and networks
  • Performance testing of applications and networks
  • Applications’ functional tests
  • Source codes analysis
  • Dedicated investigation and breakthrough analysis

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our unique set of threat information allows organizations to supplement their existing cyber security and threat protection systems with data that complements their organization's knowledge and allows them to proactively prepare their defense for a planned attack.

Our Threat Intelligence Platform (called TIP) provides complete information on the current state of cybersecurity, including:

  • Diagnosed IT environment vulnerabilities
  • Misconfiguration among network elements
  • List of compromised devices on the network
  • Compromised employee’s and customer’s PII
  • Malware database
  • Network monitoring results
  • Identified leaks and darknet monitoring results
  • Additional information dedicated for organization

Information can be shared in a way that enables to consume them quickly and in efficient way, with possibilities:

  • Human readable reports and documents: dedicated for security teams and dedicated to the senior management and board of the organization
  • Machine2machine data provided automatically: world-class threat sharing standard and supplied in a way agreed by parties

Delivered data can be achievable for organization with Threat Information Portal, collaboration portal that allow bidirectional communication between Stillsec and organization and collaboration within trusted partners together with another organizations which have been affected with similar type of attack.

{intelligence powered}
Security Operation Centre

Intelligence powered Security Operations Center (iSOC) provided in Managed Security Service model, monitors each and all environment’s elements, analyzes all potential security breaches, and responds to security incidents. All of the above activities are carried out in accordance to organizations internal policies and customer requirements, supplemented with world best-class standards.

We decided to supplement our iSOC with Threat Intelligent feeds, because traditional SOCs work only on data within the organization, and perform their functions solely on a reactive basis, responding to an event that has already take place, We have decided to complement SOC services with proactive activities to advance the attack and prepare for it through data analysis.

Technology by StillSec

We support outsourcing and advisory services provided by us with best-of-bread technology that allows us to monitor security and to respond adequately. We offer carefully selected IT tools to support constant monitoring of user activity, applications and IT infrastructure.
Within the technological solutions we offer:  

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • HIDS (Host-based Intrusion Detection System)
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
  • IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • DAM (Database Activity Monitoring)
  • APM (Application Performance Management) – especially tools for performance and error diagnosis of Java / .NET based applications


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